University Student Mentor - Virtual Opportunity

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We are looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers to support our students remotely in North Liverpool through online mentoring.  Applications are open now!

Check out this short film about IntoUniversity's Mentoring Scheme to find out more.

What is the Mentoring Scheme?
The IntoUniversity Mentoring Scheme works with young people aged 10-17 from some of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas, supporting them to raise their aspirations and achieve their potential. As a Mentor, you would support us with this aim and help to ensure that the background young people are born into doesn’t affect their life chances.

What does it involve?

  • Attending a training and selection session online 
  • Meeting with your Mentee twice a month until the end of the academic year at IntoUniversity North Liverpool and with the option to continue into the next academic year
  • Planning mentoring sessions in advance, with the support of IntoUniversity staff
  • Activities focus around academic work, social skills and future planning. This might include helping with homework, cooking or taking part in a group trip to a university

What can you expect from us?

  • Full training in advance of beginning your role
  • Ongoing support and training opportunities from IntoUniversity staff
  • Flexibility in your volunteering around exams and holidays
  • The chance to develop valuable new skills and experience
  • Recognition through the IntoUniversity accreditation scheme

What do we expect from you?

  • Commitment to the role and providing the best support possible to your Mentee
  • Enthusiasm and a proactive approach
  • The ability to build a positive relationship with a young person

PLEASE NOTE: This opportunity is only available to University of Liverpool students (current students or if you graduated in 2020).

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Required Role

University Student Mentor - Virtual Opportunity

Key responsibilities

• Attending a training and selection session and a subsequent induction • Volunteering twice a month at IntoUniversity North Liverpool • Taking the lead in planning mentoring sessions in advance, with the support of IntoUniversity staff. These sessions focus around academic work, social skills and future planning • Being a role model to your mentee and encouraging their learning • Attending the Mentoring Celebration in Summer 2021 (exact date tbc).

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  • Communication
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal
  • Listening
  • Mentoring and counselling
  • Planning and organising
  • Positive attitude
  • Time Management

Desirable Skills

  • Confidence
  • Negotiation and influencing
  • Telephone
  • Self Management

Skill to gain

  • Confidence
  • Leadership and Management
  • Telephone
  • Networking
  • Opportunity and Recognition

When can you do this role/Calendar

Minimum commitment level: Twice a month

Start Date: 12-03-2021

Start Time: 04:00 PM

End Time: 06:00 PM

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  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday
  8. Sunday
  2. MORNING monday
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  5. MORNING thursday
  6. MORNING friday
  7. MORNING saturday
  8. MORNING sunday
  2. AFTERNOON monday
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  6. AFTERNOON friday
  7. AFTERNOON saturday
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To one-click apply for this opportunity you need to have completed the following:

  • You need to have an active account on this website
  • You need to have an active volunteering account
  • You need to have fully completed the volunteering profile set-up