Halls Sustainability Champion

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We are looking for volunteers to help us promote our halls sustainability initiatives. The role involves having direct involvement with our Halls Sustainability Project (read more about it here) and with the Student Switch Off Campaign, see below.


Student Switch Off is a sustainability campaign running the university halls at Liverpool. We use social media and peer-to-peer communications to promote pro-environmental behaviour change throughout the halls. We track the energy-saving & recycling across the year and the hall that saves the most electricity per person & recycles the best, will be rewarded with an end of year prize to celebrate.


We are looking for enthusiastic, environmentally-minded students who live in the halls to become Sustainability Champions for the campaign over the academic year 2019-20. 


Desirable qualities:

  • Interested in sustainability issues
  • Confident speaking to new people
  • Desire to take action on the climate crisis

Your primary responsibilities (working in halls groups):

  • Empowering other students to save energy and recycle
  • Running stalls or events in your hall
  • Creating and sharing social media content from your campus
  • Spreading the campaign message through halls using face-to-face visits
  • Shaping the course of the campaign throughout the year
  • Conducting recycling audits of the halls kitchens (this part of the role is a paid opportunity at the real Living Wage)

Skills you could build:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Presentation skills and public speaking
  • Time management
  • Event management
  • Problem solving


This is a fantastic chance to develop your skill base and make a difference on your campus. We will provide training and support throughout the year. Becoming a Sustainability Champion will give you the opportunity to get more widely involved in various university and Guild events, as well as the international Student Switch Off campaign.


This opportunity is available for students in the following halls:

Crown Place

Dover Court

Vine Court

Tudor Close

Melville Grove

Philharmonic Court



Register to attend the training session on 2nd October here.


Find out more about the campaign at www.studentswitchoff.org/unis/university-of-liverpool  

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Required Role

Halls Sustainability Champion

Key responsibilities

Empowering other students to be sustainable during their time in halls.

Desirable Skills

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Positive attitude

Skill to gain

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Event Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Team Work

When can you do this role/Calendar

Minimum commitment level: Twice a month

Start Date: 02-10-2019

  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday
  8. Sunday
  2. MORNING monday
  3. MORNING tuesday
  4. MORNING wednesday
  5. MORNING thursday
  6. MORNING friday
  7. MORNING saturday
  8. MORNING sunday
  2. AFTERNOON monday
  3. AFTERNOON tuesday
  4. AFTERNOON wednesday
  5. AFTERNOON thursday
  6. AFTERNOON friday
  7. AFTERNOON saturday
  8. AFTERNOON sunday
  2. EVENING monday
  3. EVENING tuesday
  4. EVENING wednesday
  5. EVENING thursday
  6. EVENING friday
  7. EVENING saturday
  8. EVENING sunday

To one-click apply for this opportunity you need to have completed the following:

  • You need to have an active account on this website
  • You need to have an active volunteering account
  • You need to have fully completed the volunteering profile set-up