Circles Merseyside Volunteer

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At Circles Merseyside we aim to provide a supportive social network that also requires the Core Member to take responsibility (be ‘accountable’) for his/her ongoing risk management. The Circle can also provide support and practical guidance in such things as developing their social skills, finding suitable accommodation or helping the Core Member to find appropriate hobbies and interests.


Volunteers are fully informed of the Core Member's past pattern of offending, and whilst helping them to settle into the community the Volunteers also to assist them to recognise patterns of thought and behaviour that could lead to their re-offending. Within it, the Core Member can grow in self-esteem and develop healthy adult relationships, maximising his or her chances of successfully re-integrating into the community in a safe and fulfilling way.


The Core Member is involved from the beginning, is included in all decision making and, like all other members of the Circle, signs a contract committing him or herself to the Circle and its aims. Each Circle is unique, because it is individually designed around the needs of the Core Member.


Applicants can expect to have:-

*Their expenses paid

*Three days training

*Access to an accredited qualification

*An enhanced DBS Check

*Ongoing support and supervision throughout their volunteering

*Gain knowledge, skills and experience of working with a complex group


In return we ask for volunteers who are:-

*Reliable and committed

*Available 4 hours a week for 12 months

*Looking to build their skills and knowledge

*who have a mature outlook and a non-judgmental attitude

*able to provide 2 references

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Required Role

Circles Merseyside Volunteer

Key responsibilities

We ask that our volunteers are available for 4 hours a week, for 12 months. We have opportunities right across the Merseyside area. No experience is necessary as full training will be provided. All sessions will take place in either probation offices, or another venue that has been fully risk assessed by staff. Volunteers are prohibited from for lone working with their core member and each session will have 4 volunteers. Volunteers will be supervised regularly by staff to ensure that they understand their role, that they feel safe and supported and that any issues are resolved quickly.

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  • IT, Computers and Web Skills
  • Listening
  • Non-discriminatory
  • Non-judgemental
  • Positive attitude
  • Team Work
  • Time Management

Desirable Skills

  • Mentoring and counselling
  • Negotiation and influencing
  • Planning and organising
  • Practical

Skill to gain

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • IT, Computers and Web Skills
  • Listening
  • Mentoring and counselling
  • Negotiation and influencing
  • Planning and organising
  • Practical
  • Problem solving
  • Reviewing and evaluation
  • Team Work
  • Networking

When can you do this role/Calendar

Minimum commitment level: Once a week

Start Date: 18-08-2019

Start Time: 09:00 AM

End Time: 08:00 PM

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  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday
  8. Sunday
  2. MORNING monday
  3. MORNING tuesday
  4. MORNING wednesday
  5. MORNING thursday
  6. MORNING friday
  7. MORNING saturday
  8. MORNING sunday
  2. AFTERNOON monday
  3. AFTERNOON tuesday
  4. AFTERNOON wednesday
  5. AFTERNOON thursday
  6. AFTERNOON friday
  7. AFTERNOON saturday
  8. AFTERNOON sunday
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  3. EVENING tuesday
  4. EVENING wednesday
  5. EVENING thursday
  6. EVENING friday
  7. EVENING saturday
  8. EVENING sunday

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