Money raised so far £7,548.11

Leader Table - Top 10

Societies Total Date
Islamic Society £2,598.54 2019/20
Dance Society £1,370.97 2019/20
Cancer Awareness In Teenagers and Young People In Society £1,069.40 2019/20
Paediatrics Society £278.80 2019/20
Student Theatre Society £227.21 2019/20
Drama Society £206.26 2019/20
Student Neonatal, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society £192.27 2019/20
Oncology Society £168.15 2019/20
Artefacts Society £161.41 2019/20
Music Society £155.50 2019/20


Registered societies can use Guild resources to fundraise for themselves or for a charity of their choice. All you need to do is fill in a fundraising form as you put your event together and our fundraising team will help you with everything you need, from booking space, buckets and floats for your events, setting up ticket links and paying the money to your charity. We would encourage all our societies to raise money for the Guild’s Key Charities as these were elected by students. If you ever have any questions about fundraising then just email and we’ll help you.

Unfortunately the Guild does not have the space or resources to support individual students with their fundraising activities. This is something we can only offer to societies and Halls Student Committees. If you want to get involved in fundraising then we will host Guild fundraising activities throughout the year that you can support!

Liverpool Guild of Students is a registered charity, so there are some strict charity laws that we need to follow in order to fundraise in a trustworthy way, as a society you are a branch of the Guild of Students. We have put together some quick Do’s and Don’ts to help you do your activities by the book, if you need any extra info (or you’re just curious about why these are the legal requirements) then get in touch.

Pay your fundraising buckets in at the Guild reception as soon as your event has finished (or the next day if this is not possible). You cannot break the seal on the bucket, our reception team will take your closed bucket and double count the money.

Get your society involved! The more the merrier, organising an event on your own is always difficult your society members can help you and so can the Guild.

Pay money directly to the Charity, any payments to a charity should not go through a personal account. Think of the Guild as your personal accountants! We have a separate account that is just for fundraised monies and we will send everything you raise to your charity as soon as we have received your event forms and paid your expenses,

Fundraise offsite without the correct permit. The Guild can help with this, it is important that the risk assessment is completed and insurance etc. is all complete. Every area off campus (train stations / parks / shops) are owned by the council or private companies and groups need their permission to fundraise on their property

Claim expenses from you societies account. Any expenses from a fundraising event for charity need to come out of the amount fundraised, therefore, you donate your profit to the charity. When a person donates to the society, they are the understanding that the money will go to the society and not a specific charity so a society cannot pay the expenses for these events.


Key Charities

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