Trams for Liverpool

by Quinn Meivogel 25 June 2019, 15:38

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In the last couple weeks Ive been to several cities where they have Tram systems and its just made me realise how useful it would be in liverpool. And the city of Liverpool actually applied themselves to get a tram system but was rejected due to having already been funded for the tunnel across the mersey even though many argue this has been paid off many times over. Perhaps some attention from the university guild representatives could reignite the idea. I mean a system the ran from greenbank area through to the uni, down brownlow hill, past the station and through to liverpool one, would be immensely useful and profitable and reduce road congestion of buses. Obviously this is not something the that the reps can tackle themselves but I think it could make a difference if they bring the idea around in peoples minds  and showing how much money a tram system would receive by showing how much our students spend on buses, bus passes and taxes. Perhaps a report on environmental impact of bus vs tram fuel/power and their efficiency