To install food waste bins all over campus e.g. in the guild and libraries in particular.

by Tara Roberts 30 October 2017, 14:15

Category: Idea

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Thanks for your idea. The University has recently convened a Waste Management Working Group who are currently working on all the operational requirements prior to going out to tender. In addition to the tender the group are also developing a revised Waste Strategy. All suggestions such as the request for food waste bins on campus are being collated for further consideration. As this is a significant and far reaching piece of work it is likely to take several months before completion. The Guild is represented on the working group and so regular updates from the meetings will be provided.

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So many of us have meals and snacks like sandwiches, bananas and grapes which cannot be disposed of correctly. There are currently no food waste bins so items like apple cores and orange peel have to be put in the general waste bins. If we had food waste bins, the waste could be used for compost resulting in less rubbish going to landfill. They do not need to be big bins but it could help promote sustainability within the university.