Stop the sale of single use plastic water bottles.

by Savannah Moss 07 March 2019, 14:16

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The guild shop should stop selling bottles of still water that come in the single use bottles. Instead, we should have an increase in water fountains on campus and the guild shop should sell reusable water bottles for students. This is definitely possible as it has been done at University of Leeds for years now. It would drastically reduce the amount of plastic being used by students on campus as well as reducing the amount of waste produced by the University as a whole. 

That is not to say that no single use plastic bottles would be sold on campus as there is, of course, still a demand for soft drinks such as coke. But when water can be made readily available with water fountains then it is only logical to remove plastic bottles of it from the guild.


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    Amie Kitainik   wrote, 15-03-2019 - 10:05

    Uni should be a source of pioneering ideas to save our futures

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