Fossil Free Liverpool University - Divest from Fossil Fuel Industry

by James Melia-Jones 11 October 2015, 19:46

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In line with SOS - Students Organizing for Sustainability as part of the NUS climate action for COP21 Paris and as part of the increasingly successful and growing Fossil Free global divestment movement from the fossil fuel industry our campaign group Fossil Free Liverpool University with support of national student activist network People & Planet is calling on the university to withdraw its commercial support of the Fossil Fuel industry.

In short, we call on the University of Liverpool to:

- Freeze new investments in fossil fuel companies

- Divest all fossil fuel investments within 5 years

- Reinvest capital into clean and renewable energies

Our specific actions and demands will be finalized in the near future after consultations with the student body, staff, the Guild, external sustainability groups and other independent advisers.


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    Liverpool Guild of Students   wrote, 19-10-2015 - 13:17

    Thanks for submitting your idea. This will be going to Summit on the 29th October. If anyone would like to submit any evidence for/against this idea please go to

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    Liverpool Guild of Students   wrote, 30-10-2015 - 14:54

    This idea was discussed at Guild Summit last night who supported the idea but asked that the campaign made sure the financial implications of divestment were explained to students. They also asked that more be done to reduce carbon emissions more widely and invest in resources such as bike provisions. This will now go to Board of Trustees for final approval.

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    Alex Ferguson   wrote, 12-04-2016 - 10:07

    To report, the university have agreed to look into their ethical investments and report back to us. We will continue to lobby them to divest from areas of ethical dubiousness.

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    Paul Furley   wrote, 20-10-2016 - 16:56

    Thanks Alex, that's brilliant. Did you get anything back from them on whether they are invested in fossil fuels? Do we know what the University actually has investments in? It presumably has invested assets as well as a pension fund, would be great to know how they select their investments. Incidentally there's a petition at calling on the same thing. Finally, divestment from fossil fuels is becoming quite "normal" now - even Norway's sovereign investment fund of $900 billion has (slightly ironically) committed to this course.

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    Hannah Nguyen   wrote, 30-09-2019 - 10:43

    The 2018/19 Guild Fossil Free campaign built on the work started by the student activists who submitted this change it in 2015. The University have now committed to divesting from all fossil fuels! Read more here:

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