Enhancing Young Workers Rights and Pay

by Dominic Jones 25 January 2020, 12:35

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Conference Believes

Students can find themselves subject to undesirable, and sometimes unlawful conditions within employment, undertaken to support their studies, causing high levels of insecurity

The current minimum wage set out by the government is not sufficient to properly subsidise students during their time at university (1)

Many students are actively discriminated against in their wages simply due to their age, with the staged levels of the minimum wage directly (2)

The Government's National Living Wage does not currently apply to workers aged U25, meaning that younger workers can be paid up to 46% less than their older colleagues doing the same job (3)

Students and young workers are underrepresented in the Trade Union Movement, as the proportion of trade union members aged below 50 has fallen since 1995, whilst the proportion aged above 50 has increased (4)

Conference Further Believes

Trade Unions are key organisations in providing protection and resources for those who are employed, particularly protecting the rights of young and student workers.

Students Unions and Trade Unions share many values including collectivism and democracy and should work together more on campaigns to achieve these shared goals, as shown in the ongoing support from the Liverpool Guild of Students during the recent UCU Strikes

Conference Resolves

The NUS should work with the Labour and trade union movement to promote a real Living Wage for workers of all ages and support causes which campaign for this principle, such as

To promote the benefits of joining a trade union to students across the country, particularly the discounted student members rates and protections it provides

To lead a campaign on ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’ calling for the abolition of minimum wage bands and the application of the National Living Wage to under 25s, at a level that wage workers and students can live on.

Note: The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage is due to rise in April 2020 to £8.72 (25+), £8.20 (21-24), £6.45 (18-20), £4.55 (U18), £4.15 (Apprentice)

Note: The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage is due to rise in April 2020 to £8.72 (25+), £8.20 (21-24), £6.45 (18-20), £4.55 (U18), £4.15 (1) (2) (3) (4)


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    Lucy Pilling Guild Democracy Coordinator   wrote, 18-03-2020 - 09:51

    This was discussed at Guild Summit February 18th where students could not come to a consensus on the idea, this motion will not be sent to NUS Conference.

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