Student Officer: The Role

What is a Student Officer?

The Student Officer role is a graduate job in which no two days are the same; from attending University Committee meetings to leading campaigns and planning our activities, it really is a year (or two) like no other. Most importantly our Student Officers represent you, making sure students stay at the heart of everything we do.

There is no interview for the role; the positions are filled each year through our Student Officer Elections.

All you have to do is put yourself forward during our nomination period and then campaign before and during our voting week on why you’d be perfect for the job.

We believe that every student has the potential and the qualities to be a great Student Officer, leading the Guild to new and exciting heights. If you do decide to become a candidate, our staff team will be on hand to support you every step of the way.


Each of the elected Officers have made significant change on campus in their own way… whether that be through lobbying the University, boycotting government schemes or upgrading the building. The driving force behind all of their ideas is YOU, making this University a better place for the people that matter: the students.

Here are just a few ways your Officers have come through over the past few years:

  1. Hot Water in the Library: Whether you’re a Sydney Jones or a Harold Cohen, throughout your time here the library becomes a place you will frequently visit – sometimes for days on end and many a hot drink will be needed to help you through. After hearing your cries for hot water in the library, the Student Officers granted your wish. So whether you’re a green tea drinker or loyal to a proper Yorkshire brew you can have as many as you like without leaving the library!
  2. Cut Printing Costs: Is there anything worse than forking out a small fortune to print out your hard work? Your Student Officers definitely thought so. After lobbying the University, printing prices on campus were slashed; with all of the other pressures that come with deadlines, printing is no longer one of them.
  3. Lecture Capture: Whether you miss a lecture because you have a nasty case of fresher’s flu or you simply overslept (we’ve all been there), your Officer team wanted to ensure you did not miss out on any important information. They lobbied the University to roll out ‘Lecture Capture’, a recording technology which uploads your lectures straight onto vital for you to catch-up on or go back to for revision. And it doesn’t end there; the Officers, working closely with Course Reps, are also ensuring that this service is being rolled out in all lectures, checking up on any technological issues or forgetful lecturers…
  4. Improved Bar Spaces: Whilst getting a degree is important, a huge part of University life is socialising, often over a pint. With this in mind, the Officers have been working on ongoing developments to the bars and social spaces within the building. These continued efforts saw the Sphinx undergo a little summer makeover and an upgrade to the bar itself. With a larger bar area we were able to have more staff on shift making wait time considerably less and more space for a better variety of drinks. So next time you get a classic cocktail or a £1.60 pint in record time, you have your Officers to thank!