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We’re on the lookout for a team of 9 students to attend the NUS National conference taking place online on the 31st March – 1st April. Alongside Guild President, Adnan Hussain & delegates from Students’ Unions from across the country, you will help to set the direction and tone of NUS’ work, making real change on a national scale.

This year has seen students take a stand for their rights, making sure their voices are heard. Whether you’ve signed a petition on A-level results day, voiced your opinion on how the pandemic has affected you and your friends or taken part in a protest, you’re already taking the first steps at making a difference and the time has come to make the leap and stand to be an NUS Delegate. Nominations close 14:00 26.2.21

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Any current student, regardless of year of study, can put themselves forward for the role and no prior experience is needed. Nominations close 14:00 26.2.21

This is the role for you. Nominate yourself now

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In order to stand you will need to write a mini manifesto, a short statement demonstrating why you’d be great at the role, which you can edit up until the nomination closing time.

Here are a few points to get you started:

  • Tell students why you want to run and think about why they should vote for you?
  • What experiences do you have that make you a good candidate?
  • What do you think you can change through NUS?
  • How would you show students you represented their views after NUS conference?

Every year more than 1,000 students from across the UK come together for NUS’ National Conference. Elected by their Students’ Union, NUS delegates discuss, debate and vote on proposals for what NUS should work on for the next three years. As well as this they also hold NUS leadership to account; elect a new set of full-time, paid student leader to take the work of the movement forward into the next academic year; and the agree the budget for the next year.

As well as National Conference, NUS also host a Liberation Conference taking place online 23rd – 25th March.

The event exists to represent the interests of particular student groups who have unique experiences and challenges. Being part of this Conference allows you to set policy for the independent NUS Liberation Campaigns and elect Liberation Officers.

The six delegate spaces are reserved for delegates who self-define into the groups which are represented at Liberation Conference. The reserved places are as follows: 

  • One Black* Student 
  • One additional place for a Black* Woman Student 
  • One Trans Student 
  • One LGBTQ+ Student 
  • One Disabled Student 
  • One Woman Student 

Delegates that self-define into multiple Liberation groups may participate, vote, speak and contribute to any of the conferences they are eligible to attend.

*Please note that NUS use Black as a political definition to represent students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean descent.

More info:

If you’re interested, please email You must contact us before 9am 3rd March 2021 if you are interested

Ready to make a change now? You can now submit a motion to the NUS Delegate conference, an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of students across the country. Find out more about how to draft and submit your motion here.

Our election experts are on hand to help, offer you any support you need and answer all of your questions every step of the way.

At our candidate briefing sessions you can find out more about the role, our virtual elections process and the exciting experience that awaits.

You only have to attend one of the briefing sessions:

If none of these times suit or your require a session that is specific to your liberation group’s needs, please email our Democracy Coordinator and we can arrange something alternative for you.

Policy ideas and discussion deadline for both conferences is: 3rd Feb 2021 More info:



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