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The Student Officer Role: Everything you need to know!

Interested in the Student Officer role? 

The time has come for the Guild to search across campus for 4 students to take on the role of a lifetime and form our Student Officer team for 2024/25. 
As with any job search, it’s good to do your research, be prepared and get ready for a recruitment process like no other. 

Here is everything you need to know about the role, what you’ll gain and how the election works. 

Nominations are open now until 10am on Monday 19th February. Start your nomination.

The role: What you’ll gain

🌟A role you can shape:

Set your own workplan alongside the officer team, run campaigns on issues that matter to you and make the Student Officer role your own.

💡A team of experts

Guild staff are on hand to support you in taking the role to new heights. Whether its through marketing, campaigning, events – they’re on hand to bring your ideas to life.

🧠Skills, Skills, Skills

Teamwork, communication, leadership, problem solving, are just a few of the amazing skills you’ll gain throughout the role (and election process!) and shape your next career move.

💸Payday wins

You’ll work full time for a year from July 2024 – July 2025 and be paid a salary of £23,550

📣Represent Liverpool students

Sitting at the top of the Guild, attending university committees and working with stakeholders in the city, you will have the tools and connections to make real change for Liverpool students.

📲Find out more about the role in the job description here

Want to know more about the role of a Student Officer or running in the election? We’ve got you covered. Find all our most frequently asked questions below.


The Role

The Student Officers set the strategic direction of the Guild, and identify the year’s priorities, aiming to improve the lives of students. They act as ambassadors for the students of the University, and represent the student voice to the University on relevant issues, including sitting on relevant committees and working groups. They also work on campaigns for issues that matter to students, and often work with leadership within the wider community including the local council. All Student Officers attend the Guild Board of Trustees, with the Officer elected Guild President being the Chair of the Board.

The four Officers are paid a salary and work full-time with us for one year. Current Officers then have the option to run again for a second year. You cannot hold office for more than two years.

One of the great parts of becoming a Student Officer is the amount of support available to you. The Guild has over 70 full-time staff on hand to make sure you have the resources and backing needed to bring your manifesto to life.

Running for Officer

You can nominate yourself now via this page. At the point of nomination, you will need to give us an initial manifesto, your name and contact info. If you’ve never used our website before, you might need to configure your account first. Just login with your University details to do so.

From our candidate feedback, we know that students would recommend running in our elections regardless of the outcome. Some of the reasons are:

  • You make new friends with like-minded interests
  • You speak to hundreds of students and learn about what they care about
  • You gain skills and experience in campaigning
  • You gain knowledge about how a Student Union and University work
  •  If you’re not in final year, you have a chance to run again in future years!
  •  It’s a chance to meet and learn from a wide-range of people, and whatever happens, is excellent for your CV

Can I Run?

Yes! Any student at any level of study who is a full-member of the Guild can run for the role, whether a first year, final year, post-graduate etc. If you aren’t due to graduate, you can take a sabbatical year to serve as an Officer.

If you’re not graduating this year and win, you’ll pause your studies for a year to serve as an Officer. Similar to a year abroad or a year in industry, you’ll return to your degree once your sabbatical is over.

Do I have to be involved with the Guild to run? No! We believe that every student has the potential and the qualities to be a great Student Officer, leading the Guild to new and exciting heights. Student Officers past and present have come from all areas and levels of involvement with the Guild and University.

You must be eligible to work in the UK and a full-member of the Guild to run for the role. If you are an international student and want to find out more about how running might affect your Visa etc, please come to our International Students Info Sessions during nominations, where a member of the International Advice + Guidance team will be able to answer specific questions about this – you can also contact them for advice directly at

We know that coming to university can be particularly challenging if you’re a parent or carer. Our staff team are on hand during elections to support you, for example if you need us to change the time of a particular activity. Come and speak to us if you have any specific concerns and we can see how we can help you.

There is support available from the University for carers here:

What You’ll Need to Do

To prepare for your election campaign, you will need to think about planning for the following:

  • A 300-word written manifesto
  • Campaign Artwork Designs
  • Speaking to students

More details of each of these can be found in the following FAQs.

Your manifesto is a ‘declaration of intent’ – it’s a statement that tells people why you’re best for the role, and importantly, what you hope to do when elected. Every candidate has to submit a 300-word manifesto when standing. This is a strict word limit. Any words over that limit will be cut off. We recommend including 3 things you would you do if elected (commitments).

Here are some tips:

  • Think about your values and what drives you as a person
  • Don't over promise - be specific, honest and realistic with your promises. If you need a bit of guidance on what's plausible, speak to us
  • Use your own networks to figure out what students care about
  • Browse Change It to get a feel for hot issues
  • Have an identity – what makes you unique?
  • Make sure you can frame your promises in straight forward, engaging language – don’t over-complicate it!
  • Think about what kind of voters you want to appeal to; you’ll need to appeal to different types of students, but not necessarily all students

You will be given a free candidate pack of campaigning resources to support your election campaign. You will have lots of time to prepare, but will be able to create designs for:

  • Printed t-shirts
  • A3 Posters
  • A6 double-sided flyers

A6 double-sided flyers As well as an additional item which could be:

  • Large printed banner
  • Business cards

We’ll give you all the specifics you need to know when creating your designs and will run Graphic Design workshops, to help you learn all about designing campaign artwork.

You don’t need to spend any of your own money to run in our elections! We provide you a campaign pack which has all of the resources we think you need to support an election campaign, e.g. t-shirts, posters and banners etc. We also ask candidates not to spend any of their own money on excessive additional things, to ensure there is an even playing field.

A campaign team is a group of your friends who have committed to helping you campaign. They might talk to students on your behalf, help put up posters, or perhaps assist you with social media. They might even just be a friend who is willing to cook you dinner during vote week!

You do not need a campaign team to win the election. Lots of candidates have done it on their own! You’ll get lots of support from us in regards to your campaign and tactics to use.

Have more questions? You can contact our Elections team at, who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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