Don't Let Yet

We often face disappointed students who felt pressured and rushed into signing for a place to live, only to fall out with housemates, feel unhappy with the location or face problems with their landlord. Through this campaign, we want to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. We’re here to tell you to take your time and make a more informed decision about what kind of accommodation you’re looking for, who you want to live with, and where in Liverpool you’d like to be. It definitely pays off to wait.


  • Get 50% of students using Liverpool Student Homes to sign for their house after Christmas.
  • To get all Halls Wardens to support the campaign.
  • To get written support from the University for the campaign.

What we’re doing

  • Collaborating with Liverpool Student Homes, LiverpoolSU and HopeSU
  • Holding a meeting with the Hall Wardens to get their support.
  • Creating a leaflet about the campaign to give to students
  • Hosting a giant inflatable house-shaped bouncy castle and giving information about campaign
  • Creating giant house where students can write housing horror stories
  • Encouraging students to attend Liverpool Student Homes Housing Fair in December and use this as the kick start to their accommodation search
  • Running ‘Ready to Rent’ workshops where students can learn about contracts, landlords and their rights.

How you can help

… Don’t Let Yet! Wait till after Christmas to find your next student property.

Got a minute? Share or retweet our campaign messages to help spread the word.

Got ten? Write your house of horror stories on our giant house based outside Courtyard.

Got an hour? Have a bounce on our inflatable house while you find out more about campaign on 3rd and 5th November.

Got longer? Come to Liverpool Student Homes Housing Fair in December and meet reputable agencies.

Who's campaign is it?