The government have voted to turn our maintenance grants into loans, a move that will leave our poorest students with the most debt. With around 1/3, or 7000 of our students currently receiving the full maintenance grant, we are prepared to do what we can to fund their education in other ways. Nursing busaries are also under threat, a move which will leave nursing students with up to £40,000 worth of debt. Read more in Emma's blog.

The Aim

  • To work with the NUS to save nursing bursaries
  • To work with the University to ensure that students are still able to access education now the grants have been cut.

What we’re doing

  • Asking our local MPs and Mayor to support the campaign.
  • Collecting personal stories from students receiving the bursaries/grants.
  • Working with NUS
  • A walkout on 8th Feb to support nurses' bursaries

How are we doing?

  • 18/09/15: We got local MP Louise Ellman to back the campaign. You can read about it here
  • 08/12/15: We attended the NUS lobby in Westminster. As a direct result, a motion has been laid calling to annul the changes to the grants- now all we need to do is get MPs to sign it.
  • 11/1/16: The removal of nursing bursaries was dicussed in Parliament, it looks as if George may be changing his mind on that one.
  • 14/1/16: In 90 minutes and with 18 MPs, the maintenance grants were cut- 10 'yes' to 8 'no'.
  • 18/1/16: Despite this setback, a petition asking the Government to reverse the change has reached 100k, meaning that they must consider it for a debate. An opposition day debate has been called for January 19th at 1.30pm.
  • 19/1/16: It went to debate and fell by 11 votes.
  • 25/1/16: We took the campaign to the House of Lords, where it again fell, 155 to 138

How you can help?

Got a minute?

Got ten? If you're a nurse, submit a story about how important your bursary is to you to Vice President, Emma

Who's campaign is it?