Get funding

We understand that this year will look and feel very different for Spend It, and so we encourage societies to be innovative, collaborative, and creative in their bids. Examples of the kind of events and activities that money could be given for include:

  • Guest speaker fees
  • Virtual attendance at training, workshops, or competitions
  • Access to online resources e.g. books and games.

If societies have any questions about their idea, they can get in touch with the Societies Team prior to submitting a bid to chat this through.


  • Only societies registered with us are invited to apply
  • Projects are invited up to £2,000 (or maximum available for each session)
  • Money will only be given for online activity
  • Money will not be given for equipment or items that have to be shared between members on a regular basis, to ensure that the need to clean equipment and items is removed. This will also ensure that there isn’t face-to-face contact between committee members
  • Money will not be given for anything that the Guild can provide for free e.g. websites
  • Money will not be given retrospectively
  • Money must be spent on Guild activity
  • Money will not be given for recurrent items
  • Societies may only have one successful bid per semester
  • Money must be spent by the end of the semester in which it is awarded
  • The amount requested should be accurate, represent good value for money, and be a proportionate request. The number of members that a society has and the amount that they have in their income account will be taken into consideration
  • Money will not be given for purely social events, or for food and drink
  • Collaborative bids from more than one society are encouraged

As a charity, we will only fund projects which are being run for the benefit of University of Liverpool students. Project grants will also not be awarded for the following activities:

  • Affiliations or donations to organisations that do not directly benefit students (e.g. political pressure groups)
    Donations to other charities
  • Expenses for attendance to a political rally/demo for non-student related issues
  • Other projects that contravene the Guild’s mission or values, or its legal obligations.
  • Dates

Spend It forms must be submitted by the following dates for consideration by:

  • Monday 26th October 2020
  • Monday 23rd November 2020
  • Monday 14th December 2020
  • Monday 25th January 2021
  • Monday 22nd February 2021
  • Monday 19th April 2021

Spend it form can be found here.

2020/21 Spend it results can be found here 

For full details about how we allocate resources to societies, please click here