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We have introduced Spend It - a fantastic way to get funding for your societies.

Instead of filling in forms as and when funding is needed, there will be four dates during the academic year when societies can bid for money from our £20,000 pot.

We’re putting the power in your hands. Societies will come together to look at all the funding requests and discuss as a group where it would be best used, and why. This will give you chance to meet fellow societies and find out more about what they’re getting up to, and also work together to make sure all societies are happy with where the money is going. Application form can be found here. 

We've got our first Spend It meeting coming up on Wednesday 11th October. Sign up to the event here and check out some more dates for your calendar below:

Round One:

Form Deadline: 5th October 

Meeting: 11th October

Round Two

Form Deadline: 8th November

Meeting: 22nd November

Round Three

Form Deadline: 2nd February

Meeting: 17th February 

Round Four 

Form Deadline: 28th March

Meeting: 18th April