Rory Hughes, Vice President

Rory Hughes, Vice President

Name: Rory Hughes

Birth place: London

Random fact about yourself: I DJ Chicago Footwork in my spare time

Favourite Emoji: The solidarity fist one! 

Best quote you’ve heard: "The future has an ancient heart" - Carlo Levi

Who would play you in a film: Michael Fassbender

Main priority for year at the Guild: Cut the Halls Rent and build student grassroots campaigning on campus. 

Worked with Liverpool Student Homes and Merseyside Fire Department to audit the fire safety of student high-rise halls following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

Organised the biggest contingent of students from any university in the country to go to the 15th November National Demonstration for Free Education.

In negotiations with the Bus Companies alongside the Metro Mayor’s Office and the University to get a better deal for students.

Working on NUS national policy around funding for student mental health services as a member of the Welfare Zone Committee.

Redesigning how the Guild supports our Student Media societies.

Restructuring the Guild’s democratic structures to empower students.

Fighting against proposed tuition fee rises for Home/EU PGT students and all International students.

Leading the continued campaign for our university to remove its financial investments from the fossil fuel industry (and reinvest in green energy), arms trade, animal tested cosmetics industry, any organisation violating Human Rights.

Helping to deliver the university’s new approach to tackling Sexual Misconduct including Bystander intervention training

Lobbying the University to provide students who are seeking adjustments, technological and financial support for specific learning disabilities such as Dyslexia with free access to assessments from Educational Psychologists.

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