Ananda Mohan, Deputy President

Ananda Mohan, Vice President

Background: A Malaysian and a former law student who loves TV.

My passion: Reading, writing and talking and helping students of course.

Best quote I’ve heard: All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Favourite thing about the Guild: The amazing people you meet here all the time.

My priorities: Housing, improving the academic experience and bringing the world to you

My plans and progress so far:

We talked to over 3000 students about tips on finding the perfect house and ensuring students get their contract checked for free by our wonderful advice team.

aWe did massive lecture shout outs and student engagement leading to over 4000 students being spoken to about tenancy rights

This time around we did an electronic campaign sending emails to remind students about the things they need to do before leaving a home in conjunction with the Guild’s Leave Liverpool Tidy campaign.

We did it! The diversified curriculum requirement is now embedded as part of the global strand of the curriculum 2021. This means every course needs to incorporate some form of Liberate My Degree or Sustainable Development Goals into the course by 2021. There is also an internal plan as to how we will move forward with this initiative.

Organised IW 2017 and a successful interfaith forum. Lessons have been learnt and we are looking at trying to implement some of the suggested feedback.

Audit opportunities available through University and partners to highlight any gaps and potentially increase the amount available.

Presented a paper at the PGR committee highlighting the need for PGR profiles and secured that win. Updates to follow at the end of March.

Organised an interfaith panel on the pivotal role women have played in faith and the impact they have had.

Organised the Brazilian Carnival Festival at the Guild with performances and games so that we could learn more about the culture and experience a little bit of Brazil in Liverpool.

As part of my first year manifesto, I promised to be around for societies and did so by actively staying late to hear about their concerns and how they were run to give them the best support possible.

a. Worked with the Halls Student committee to actively promote the Lunar New Year celebrations they were holding in the Mountford and working with our Chinese cultural societies to do the same with their events and raising awareness about the culture.

As part of my role this year, I lobbied for a wider range of opportunities instead of the traditional year abroad and semester abroad that might not be accessible to all, we are now looking at summer schools, one week or two week placements and other forms of opportunities so that students have a larger selection of choice.

One of the issues raised by our Student Voice team was that students who had only handed in an electronic copy and not a paper one were awarded marks of 0 when the policy did not require a paper copy. I fought to reinstate the marks and ensure the policy is complied with and this ensured certain students did not have to repeat their year or resit exams.

I have completed my NUS delegate promises and submitted motions to NUS for the National Conference at the end of March

Working with the university to get a centrally organised PGR showcase.

Introducing and encouraging more diverse methods of assessment. At the minute, we are limited to giving feedback and recommendations during the module approval stages

Looking to introduce microwaves in libraries. The libraries are aware of our intention and the change it suggestions. After exams, there are plans to do student consultation on whether there should be microwaves and where they are best suited

Creating a system where students can review their landlord experience.

We are pausing on this and a paper is being drawn on the differences of effective use of the virtual learning environment vs a modular textbook. This will be presented to the university to showcase the need for institutionalised modular textbooks

Working with the university to see how much students have to pay out of pocket to travel on course related activities and looking at means the university has in place to minimise or eliminate such costs.

Working with our team internally to see how we can better engage student groups who have not been given as much attention as we would like and how to improve their student experience.

Working internally to produce a community strategy for the Guild as to how we interact with the local community and how we embed ourselves as part of the wider Liverpool community.


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