Sean Turner, President

Sean Turner, President

Currently working on: Planning Liverpool’s part in the boycott of the National Student Survey. Working with the University to implement its Education Strategy for the next five years.

My passion: Seeing everybody having an equitable chance. Innovative ideas for the third sector. Debating with friends how we’re going to start the revolution… as soon as we’ve finished this drink.

Favourite thing about the Guild: The consistent dedication our members show to improving their own, each other’s and the community’s experience. The efforts they put in, whilst studying for their degrees, are not only humbling but making a difference.

My priorities: Ensuring Liverpool’s voice is heard in the national fight against the current Education reforms. Growing Liverpool RAG. Better publicising the fab work that students and the Guild do.

My plans and progress so far:

1. Redesigned RAG into the Guild Fundraising Forum.
2. Planned a calendar of fundraising activity from bucket collections to Blind Date.
3. Employ two members of staff; one to look after fundraising and one to look after volunteering.

Give societies more opportunities to advertise their activities on the Guild’s digital screens.

Successfully increased the guild’s block grant from the University by £140,000 during my term.

1. Organised a series of impactful film screenings.
2. Held a UK-EU information evening.

Secured four scholarships from the University for asylum-seeking students, two of which specifically for those in the Liverpool area.

1. Host a council for society leaders to discuss any issues they face.
2. An occasion to improve networking and collaboration between societies.
3. An opportunity to question Guild Officers and hold them to account.

1. As part of a nationally-coordinated campaign to break the link between fee increases and TEF, I led the Liverpool campaign.
2. It was the most successful campaign in the country.
3. As a result of this and other activity, the TEF-fees link has been broken, fees have been frozen for the next couple of years and the government have committed to reviewing Higher Education funding.

Organised the Liverpool delegation to the 2016 London NUS March for Free Education.

Societies can now bid into a pot of £2,000 to fund travel costs associated with their activity. This runs alongside Spend It.

Push for the University to return much-loved and missed items the food menu in the Sphinx

Including the NUS Strategic Conversation.

Enhancing our lobbying power by increasing the frequency and time of access to senior decision-making staff at the University.

Working with society leaders and department staff to smoothly transition these excellent societies into ratification by the Guild.

This included writing a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, submission can be found here, amongst others:

1. Review how the Guild’s building is used and evaluate how it can be best utilised.
2. Explore new uses for commercial outlets.

1. Following Universities UK’s Report of the Universities UK Taskforce examining violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting university students and the accompanying legal guidance worked with the University to implement this within their policies.
2. Worked on writing a new student code of conduct on student behaviour and improving the disciplinary procedures and outcomes. More information can be found here

1. Lobbied for and now gained summer resit opportunities for final year students with extenuating circumstances

Had the University set up a Student Experience Committee to better coordinate the non-academic experiences of students.

1. Leading on the “Expanding Opportunity” section of the University’s Education Action Plan.
2. Ensuring students’ interests are a priority in the implementation of the University’s Education Strategy.

Following the business plan work, prioritising and beginning building works on new bar spaces in the Guild.

Working with the University to write an ethical investment policy.

1. The University has now had an internal and external audit of Academic Advisors carried out.
2. Designing better ways to communicate the role to staff and students.
3. Improving mechanisms to report poor experience and improve it.

1. Plan and execute a campaign to better inform students of the Lecture Capture Policy.
2. Ensure academics are complying with the policy.

Following previous years’ Call It Out campaign, engage key stakeholders in shaping a new campaign to tackle sexual misconduct.

Using the Guild Democracy Task & Finish Group, launched by Oba, Summit, Change It and Officer Accountability will be reviewed and recommendations for improvement will be made.

Through the work of the Democracy Task & Finish Group, ways of Officers being held accountable by students will be explored, e.g. through Guild Summit.
Guild Officers twitter set up and so Officers are available via that.
Officers have had 360 appraisals carried out.

Lobbying the University for Fairer Rents in the halls of residence.

Starting the Guild’s work with the University on a new project investigating online harassment among students.

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