Board of Trustees

What is the Board of Trustees?

The Guild became a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity in 2010, like other charities it is governed by a group of trustees who have the overall responsibility for everything the Guild does.

The Board has twelve trustees and must have a majority student representation. The four elected officers are trustees in addition to their roles as Student Representative Officers. There are four Student Trustees and four Co-opted (external) Trustees. The external trustees are independent professionals appointed for their skills, experience and knowledge. You can find out more about the current Board below.

The Board provides guidance and oversight and they have specific responsibility for the governance, financial and strategic management of the Guild.

The full Board meets at least four times per year and also has a number of subcommittees to provide additional scrutiny.

What do they do?

Make sure students are at the heart of everything we do

We are a registered charity with clear aims and objectives, and our activities must be for the benefit of students at the University of Liverpool. The Board of Trustees makes sure we achieve this, by approving and monitoring our strategic plan, and monitoring and evaluating the performance of our services and activities in line with our charitable objectives.

Safeguard our reputation and manage risk

The Board of Trustees do not get involved in the day-to-day business of the Guild but they have a duty to make sure we don’t break any of the laws or regulations we must follow as part of our work and act in line with our governing documents.

Make sure we remain financially solvent

The Board of Trustees manage all of our finances, approving all our expenditure and our annual budget. They look after the long-term stability of the Guild, making sure that we continue to have money available to provide services which benefit our students.

This means that they may occasionally take legal or commercial decisions which cannot be overruled by students.

The day-to-day operations of the Guild are delegated to the Chief Executive and the staff team.

Who are they?

Liverpool Guild of Students has twelve trustees who act collectively to make decisions and all have an equal responsibility to ensure the Guild is properly run. The four Student and four Co-opted trustees are volunteers and the four Sabbatical Trustees are your elected officers.

Sabbatical Trustees

We have our four Sabbatical Trustees. They are elected by all students in a cross-campus election every year, they hold their posts for one year and cannot be elected more than twice. As Student Officers they lead the Guild and you can find out more about what they do here.

Adnan Hussain


Chair of the Board of Trustees

You can find out more about Adnan's work as President here.

Dylan Thomson



You can find out more about Dylan's work as Vice President here.

Jodie Sylvester



You can find out more about Jodie's work as Vice President here.

Hannah Nguyen



You can find out more about Hannah's work as Vice President here.

Student Trustees

We have four Student Trustees. They are appointed by the Appointments Committee and hold their positions for two years. They must be registered students at the University of Liverpool throughout their time as Student Trustees. The current Student Trustees are:

Abhilash Kondraganti

Abhilash Kondraganti


Abhilash Kondraganti is a Ph.D. student in the ULMS at the University of Liverpool. His doctoral research investigates the impact of Prescriptive Analytics in Retail Industry. While Big Data and Business Intelligence tools have been at the forefront of Retail Industry in the 20th Century the industry never adopted the use of prescriptive analytics which could be a potential pivot for the industry moving forward into the digital realm. 

His research interests center around the intersection of Business Analytics and Big Data. He takes a multipronged approach that encompasses the fields of digital transformation, analytics, big data, and market research.

Abhilash holds a master's degree in Business Analytics and Big Data from the University of Liverpool. He collaborates with academic staff, guild personnel, and students across the University to improve the student learning experience. He actively participated in the school scrutiny panel, and postgraduate student-staff liaison committees during 2018-19 academic year. 

With over 4 years of work experience in ICT (Information Communication & Technology) market research, he has co-authored several research reports on the evolution of ICT in several major economies of the world. He was also instrumental in developing a contracts database for the firm which went on to become one of the most profitable for the company. 

Abhilash is also a movie buff and a critic who significantly contributes to IMDB with his critical reviews and acclaims on a weekly basis. Do call him if you are looking for a player in badminton or cricket.

Charlotte Sebastian




Paul Ormeser



I returned to higher education, studying a degree in Business Management; after gaining experience in sales, marketing and leadership within different commercial environments. It has been the best thing I could have done. I have embraced the university life enjoying parties, becoming part of the Business Management society and of course studying.


Outside of University, I am a father of three, I work and coach an under 12’s football team. I enjoy all sports and watching films. 


I am looking forward to using my time as a Student Trustee in making other students university experience as fun as mine.

Pollie Walker





Co-opted Trustees

We also have four Co-opted Trustees (sometimes called External Trustees). They are not current University of Liverpool students; they are appointed for the professional skills and experiences they bring to the Trustee Board and provide an element of stability and continuity. They are appointed to their positions for four years and may be appointed to one further term of four years. The current Co-opted Trustees are:

Pamela Bell-Ashe


Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees

Pam graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Classics in 1983 and spent the following year as Deputy President of the Guild. She then spent 11 years working in Birmingham and London before returning to Liverpool in 1995 as Senior Assistant Registrar (Student Services), whose roles included acting as the Guild’s Returning Officer.

For the past 15 years Pam has worked in both further and higher education institutions managing services across a range of functions and issues including admissions, careers and employment, disability support, mental health and wellbeing, counselling, childcare, student finance, international student advice, and complaints and appeals.

Pam has sat on a number of governmental advisory boards and is a trustee of The Brightside Trust.

Emma Carter-Brown


Emma is the Student Experience Manager in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Liverpool.

Her career in Higher Education management started on a car manufacturing line. Leading a car manufacturer's customer service team didn't inspire her with the knowledge that she was making any great contribution to society or the environment - quite the reverse - and overwhelmingly involved dealing with negative situations. It's often been said that most HE managers and leaders arrive in the sector accidentally - not Emma, she got here on purpose. It's important to her to be supporting education, and specifically, her university's contribution to our local and global communities and environments.

Emma says her career highlights are turning around her school's student recruitment by developing and implementing marketing, recruitment and conversion strategies and frameworks; Co-leading the successful merger of two of the university's schools; Being nominated for a Guardian University Award for her work with our Alumni Relations Division in the development of a series of unique employability events; her school's compliance with the British Standard in the delivery of fieldwork (BS8848) being recognised as best practice in the university and sector; and representing the University overseas in Japan, China, Jamaica, Nigeria, Uganda, Turkey, Spain and the UK.

Adam Dawkins



Adam is the Head of Governance and Assurance at the University of York.

Adam is a specialist in HE corporate governance policy and practice, risk and assurance. Adam has worked in the HE sector since graduating from his first degree in 1997 in a range of management roles incluyding at the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Royal College of Art, University of London International Programmes and Queen Mary, University of London.

Adam holds a First Class Honours Degree from the University of Reading, a Master of Arts (Distinction) from the University of London, a PgCert in HE Management and obtained a Doctor in Education (EdD) in HE corporate governance from University College London’s Institute of Education in 2015. Adam is a part-qualified company secretary and is working towards securing chartered status.

Adam has published articles on educational policy and university governance in a range of media, including the Journal of Applied Higher Education Management, ICSA’s Governance and Compliance Magazine and as a contributory author to the HE Specific Training Package on the Prevent Duty, developed in collaboration between HEFCE and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.


Christine Costello



Honorary Treasurer


How can you influence the trustees?

Whilst the Trustees have to take a number of decisions that may not seem directly relevant to your student experience, it is vital that they understand the views of the members of the Students' Union.

As members of the Students' Union, you can influence the Trustees in a number of ways:

Contacting the Students' Union Officers

The Students' Union Officers are your elected representatives but they all act as trustees. Whilst they are obliged to think about the overall organisation when taking decisions as trustees, they still take into account the wishes of the student population.

Using Change It

All students can submit ideas to Change It which may simply be adopted if it is a straightforward matter or may be referred to Guild Summit for discussion.

Removal of a trustee

If you have reason to call for a trustee to be dismissed, there is a set procedure that you may follow. Before following the procedure, you may wish to contact the Trustee Board Chair as many problems can be resolved informally.

Members can remove a Sabbatical Officer, Student Trustee or Co-opted Trustee by calling an all student vote (referendum).

A referendum can be called by a petition on the Guild website agreed to by at least 3% of the Members of the Guild.

The trustee will be removed if there is a two-thirds majority in favour of removal and at least 3% of the Members of the Guild vote in favour of removal.

Details on how to submit a petition and referenda can be found here.