Find Your Happy Place

Finding a student home you like is so important to your happiness at university. If you’re not happy with your home, it can affect all areas of your life – your academic success, social life, finances and your mental health.

We want you to find your happy place, and you can do this by following these FIVE steps:

1.    Take your time
2.    View lots of properties
3.    Follow the steps on the house hunting checklist
4.    Get your contract checked
5.    If you have any problems, make an appointment with our advice team 


  • Push the importance of taking your time to rent and the steps you can take (listed above) to making sure you find a happy place to live
  • Increase the number of students who follow the steps above, avoiding problems and stress.

What we’re doing:

  • A house roadshow – we will be taking a giant house out and about across campus pushing how you can find your happy place. Prizes will be up for grabs!
  • Creating banners, digital screens, videos and a whole range of other artwork to encourage students to find out more about the campaign and the importance of taking your time to find your happy place to live.
  • Holding Housing Advice drop-in sessions for answers to housing related issues.

What you can do:


Watch our #FindYourHappyPlace video and get clued up on what you need to know before renting your student property

Take part in our #FindYourHappyPlace roadshow and free prize draw. Prizes range from a TV to toilet roll, and everything in between!

Share your story – have you secured your property and followed all the steps we listed? Have you rented a property before and missed steps out, and then had difficulties? Let us know by email or through our social media channels.

Who's campaign is it?

Ananda Mohan