Are you in need a little extra Christmas cheer this year?

The elves are back at the Guild to sprinkle a little bit of magic and help to grant your Christmas wishes in everyone’s’ favourite festive treat: Guild Wish.

From the 3rd-7th December the Elves take over the Guild’s Twitter, transforming it with all the Christmas wishes/holly/ivy/sparkly lights/eggnog and partridges in a pear tree to create the most festive feed this side of the North Pole.

How does it all work?

The Elves are on loan from the North Pole from the 9am, 3rd December; their festive mission is to grant their favourite Guild wishes.

Once you’ve thought of your most creative/heart-warming/festive feels wish, tweet them to @LiverpoolGuild using #GuildWish.

Wishes will be granted throughout the week and Christmas cheer will be spread across campus.

The rules:

As any good Elf/Fairy Godmother/Hans Christian Anderson character will know, not every wish can be granted and there has to be a few rules for the magic.

1. The magic is exclusively for current University of Liverpool students and we may have to ask for proof if needed.
2. The elves love originality… each wish granted will be unique and we won’t be granting repeat wishes.
3. Get creative – Cinderella didn’t wish small when she got her dream night out. The elves want to see imaginative wishes, ones that will get them in the feels, make them laugh or ones that they couldn’t even dream of!
4. Elves are unable to sit exams, write coursework or attend lectures... the desks aren’t elf friendly.
5. Don’t be greedy - You can wish as many times as you like but once your wish has been granted, that’s your fill of Christmas magic.
6. Festive emojis and GIFs are encouraged… you can only use them once a year after all!
7. You can’t wish for more wishes… didn’t the genie in Aladdin teach you anything!

Need some inspiration?

Here’s a few of our favourites from Guild Wish Christmas Past:

1. Train tickets to London to meet their new baby niece – too cute!
2. Inflatable Flamingo to go with their Inflatable Swan- Best pals forever
3. A group of chicken nugget loving pals wrote the elves a poem about why they deserve nuggs – 10/10 creativity
4. A stethoscope so a desperate medical student could continue saving lives – all the feels!
5. A cuddly Llama called Pablo to make their dreams of becoming a Llama farmer come true – so original.

Wishes granted 2018

1. Tracing Paper

2. Buddy the Elf Cardboard Cut Out

3. Electric Whisk

4. Pandemic Board Game

5. Microwave

6. Keep cup

7. Lagavulin

8. Lacrosse Stick

9. 4ft cuddly shark

10. Sticker Maker

11. 6 Carnatic Jumpers

12. David Attenbrrrrr jumper, size small

13. Greggs merch

14. Turkey Costume

15. Veggie Marshmallows x5

16. Sesame Seed Bagels

17. Creative Writing Society Notebooks

18. 52 Pringles

19. Veggie Marshmallows x5

20. Baby Santa Outfit

21. Pie moulds

22. Headphones

23. Stuffed bobwish

24. UoL Flask

25. Geography Textbooks

26. Christmas Tree

27. Kinder Cake

28. Michael Buble vinyl

29. Candy Grabber Machine

30. Jellyfish lamp

31. Art Markers Pens