RAG (Raise and Give)

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E-mail: liverpoolrag@gmail.com

Facebook: @LiverpoolRAG 

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Hi there! Welcome to Liverpool RAG (Raise and Give) Society. 

What do we do?
We fundraise for an eclectic mix of charities and societies.
How do we do it?
Our members (you!) come up with as many innovative and fun ways to raise money as possible and we help you to execute them.
Who do we raise money for?
The Guild’s chosen charities are those we will be aiming to primarily give to. 
This does not mean we can’t raise money for other charities and societies too! Just let us know who you want to raise for and we’ll see what we can do.
Why get involved?
  • Help others
  • Meet new and likeminded people
  • Get involved with big organisations
  • Learn about the brilliant charity work going on in the world
  • It looks great to a prospective employer
How can you get involved?
Sign up to the society on this webpage. Go on… do it… NOW!
Be as involved as you like. Raise £1 for one charity or £1000 for 10 charities and it'll all be completely appreciated!
Get involved by having a chat to us at the Welcome Fair, or e-mail us. Ask us anything you like or even better give us some ideas!
We want you to 
  • offer us ideas for fundraising, 
  • help us pull off some of our stunts,
  • volunteer for big challenges such as marathons and overseas projects,
  • shake buckets at people,
  • come to our quizzes, cake sales, socials,
  • have a great time with your new RAG family!

Email: liverpoolrag@gmail.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiverpoolRAG/?fref=ts 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/liverpoolrag


Terms and Conditions

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All members, including the committee, of each society must pay the yearly membership fee.

This membership money will be used by the society committee to deliver excellent activities for you during the academic year.

In order for you to run in your society elections and vote during the AGM; you must be a paid member.

Memberships last for 1 year only, ending on 31st July of each year and is non-refundable.