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About the society

Welcome to the Psychology Society 

The Psychology society aims to enhance both the social and academic aspects of University life and allows the integration of all students, from every year. All members of the Psychology society will have the opportunity to take part in various fun and exciting social events designed to encourage people to socialise with fellow students, take part in creative games and activities but also broaden their academic horizons. The society will add something extra to university life for Psychology students or those with an interest in Psychology and creates more opportunities which help students to prepare for a future career within their preferred fields. We have built a strong relationship with the School of Psychology to run interesting guest lectures and conferences beyond the academic course, allowing intriguing insights into specific aspects of Psychology. Ultimately PSYCSOC wants to ensure a fun and happy university life by encouraging  friendships and broadening the university experience.

Upcoming events

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Give it a go 

Sleep Psychology; Dream catchers and Macamre Craft Session 👁

Join us in our first ”Give it a go" session of the year. Be creative, and reduce stress with a psychology craft session. A guided session on how to make a dream catcher and macamre craft for your uni room, or anywhere where you feel you need to create a little ambiance, to relax you in the next few years! As an online social we want it to be fun and chatty, so be ready to hear some weird and wacky dreams, but also receive tips on how to improve sleep along the way. Hear current psychological research concerning dreams, stress and craft! Have a drink and invite friends to participate, let's make it a good first session!

Monday 12th October ; 6:30 pm
Tickets will be £1.00 with half proceeds going to The Sleep Charity. 
Tickets will go live on 27th September.

 Zoom Link will be sent to all ticket holders

Keep a look out for up to date information on our Facebook pages and on vital!

School of Psychology Events

Year 1 Getting Together With Psychology 

Year 1 Academic Speed Mixer 

Year 2 Getting Together with Psychology 

Year 3 Psychology Quiz  

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