Global Connect

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Are you an international student who wants to meet more local students and pass on advice about your home country?
A local student wanting to hear more about studying abroad?
Or maybe you're a returning study abroad student whose friends are sick of hearing your stories and so need a group who would
LOVE to hear all about your experience?
If so, then Global connect is the one for you!!
The aim of our society is to connect our global community of students on campus! We do this by hosting hangouts, trips and events
to allow students to get to know each other.
We are open to absolutely everyone, whether you’re international, prospective or returning study abroad student! Join the fun,
come along to GLOBAL CONNECT

Upcoming events

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Please check the Guild events tab to see if any events you want to go to conflict

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Facebook: UoL Global Connect (Study Abroad Society) 

Instagram: uol_globalconnect