Amnesty International


Liverpool Amnesty Student Group

Amnesty International aims to raise awareness of human rights abuses and achieve justice for both victims and survivors. We do this through lobbying government officials, signing petitions, hosting events to raise awareness and/or money for a cause, collaborating with other societies and local interest groups, and inviting in speakers. We work directly with the charity Amnesty International, and look forward to championing social issues with our 2020/21 members - make sure to follow our Instagram and join the Facebook group to keep up with all our activites!

Meet The Committee

President - Lydia Morton

Favourite thing about Amnesty?

"Coming together with people to make a positive change and seeing the results at the end."


Secretary - Izota Sarmiento 

Favourite thing about Amnesty?

"Being able to show empathy and voicing my views to people in power in order to make a change."


Treasurer - Daneka Donaghy

Favourite thing about Amnesty?

"Getting the chance to be surrounded by likeminded people and talk about issues we find important."


Upcoming Events

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