Go Green Week

From the 10th to the 14th February, we will be marking Go Green Week and delving deeper into its ‘End Climate Colonialism’ theme.

A lifetime of debt and unaffordable rent. Disabled Student’s Allowance, Maintenance Grants and Nursing Bursaries slashed. We’re sick of it. Come and join us in our fight to abolish fees, improve student living standards and re-establish the principle that education is a gift handed from one generation to the next.

In our fight for climate justice, we must understand how colonialism and the climate crisis are related. Fossil fuel companies extract oil, gas and coal across the world, often destroying the environments and livelihoods of indigenous people. This is one of the ways in which climate colonialism operates now: communities are exploited, their lives and traditions considered of less value, all for the profit of a few companies. Furthermore, often these companies have close links to the governments where they are based, which have been - and still are - engaged in colonial and imperialist efforts.

Mining for minerals to build batteries and solar panels, and land grabs to build wind and solar panels, also need to be considered in our transition to a future powered by renewable energy. We need to listen to indigenous knowledge, and take lead from communities impacted by climate colonialism to build a more sustainable and fair future for all.

We will explore this in more detail as part of Go Green Week 2020, so make sure you join us by taking part in the events below.



For further information, please contact Dylan Uren-Thomson (Deputy President) or Hannah Nguyen (Vice President)