Why vote

Very soon we will be asking you to vote for your next team of Student Officers, but why should you? Will your vote make a difference? Here are three big reasons why you should have your say:

ONE The Student Officers you elect are legally responsible for an organisation worth £2.5m. That is a huge amount of responsibility for people who usually have had little job experience before this – having a vote means you get a say on the people who are best placed to do the job.

TWO Students who put themselves forward to be a Student Officer run on a manifesto with ideas of how they plan to change University life – if you support their suggestions, have your vote so they can get to work on your behalf. They can make big changes to your experience – see ‘What have Student Officers done for you? 

THREE You are the only people in charge of the Officers – they are only accountable to you, students at the University of Liverpool. Think of yourself as their boss - you have democratic control over the Guild, so it’s up to you to vote and then make sure the elected Student Officers are doing their job properly. Student Officers are not accountable to the University or Guild staff - it is purely in your hands to shape the direction of the Guild.

Voting for your next team of Student Officers is open from 9am on Monday 11th March until 2pm on Friday 15th March. You can vote through our website using your usual University username and password to login. If you have trouble voting, email guildweb@liverpool.ac.uk from your university email address and include your name, username, student ID number and details of the issue you seem to be having.