Student Officer Wins

Throughout their terms, each of the elected Student Officers have made significant change on campus in their own way - whether that be through lobbying the University, boycotting government schemes or upgrading the building. The driving force behind all of their ideas is YOU, making this University a better place for the people that matter, the students.

Here are eight ways Student Officers have made big changes over the past few years:

After running on a mandate of ending the incomparably high cost of bus travel for Liverpool Students, Guild President Rory secured an exclusive ticket for Liverpool students at a discounted rate. After going head to head with Arriva, Rory came out victorious saving Liverpool students all-important pennies on their 699 journeys

In 2017, as a result of a submission to Change It and a campus-wide Preferendum, the Student Officers told final year students ‘Don’t Complete, Hit Delete’ and boycott the National Student Survey due to changes to the Teaching Excellence Framework that could lead to an increase in tuition fees. Throughout last year, the Student Officer team fronted a sassy and very successful campaign, they talked to anyone and everyone about it on campus, and a starred in a video detailing the much better ways to spend to your time. The efforts of the campaign team resulted in the NSS not meeting the 50% threshold – rendering any data gathered unpublishable, delaying Government plans to link tuition fees to TEF and preventing large increases to your student debt – a real testament to how a Student Officer campaign can cause real effect not only on campus but nationwide!

Did you know that the Guild building we all know and love was a result of a Student Officer campaign? From the Sphinx to the Shake and Bake room in the basement, the renovations to the Guild building were down to the hard work of various Student Officer teams. After their extensive lobbying, the University committed to a major refurbishment of the Guild – its first make-over since the '90's! The revamp of the Guild keeps your student’s union at the heart of campus – whether you use the building for societies, gigs or for a £1.60 pint on a Friday it’s all thanks to the changes implemented by Student Officer Teams.

Whether you’re a Sydney Jones or a Harold Cohen, throughout your time here the library becomes a place you will frequently visit – sometimes for days on end and many a hot drink will be needed to help you through. After hearing your cries for hot water in the library, the Student Officers worked with libraries to grant your wish. So whether you’re a green tea drinker or loyal to a proper Yorkshire brew, you can have as many as you like without leaving the library!

Is there anything worse than forking out a small fortune to print out your hard work? Your Student Officers definitely thought not, and after lobbying the University, printing prices on campus were slashed. With all of the other pressures that come with deadlines, printing is no longer one of them thanks to Student Officers.

Whether you miss a lecture because you have a nasty case of fresher’s flu or you simply overslept (we’ve all been there), your Student Officer team wanted to make sure you did not miss out on any important information. They lobbied the University to roll out ‘Lecture Capture’, a recording technology which uploads your lectures straight onto vital for you to catch-up on or go back to for revision. They are still working closely with Course Reps, to make sure the service is being rolled out in all lectures.

At the end of last year, the Student Officers received feedback that students were receiving marks of 0 for coursework they submitted electronically but not in paper form. This lead to students taking resits in the summer and in some cases being unable to graduate with their friends. The Student Officers lobbied the University to change their policy - and now, in instances where no reason for a paper copy the requirement was struck off. Following this an emergency email was sent out to all departments and all penalties for only e-submission were waived. Not only did this make submission easier, it is also a big step towards electronic only submission which is great for the environment – win-win!

Student Officers have been working on ongoing developments to the bars and social spaces within the building. These continued efforts saw the Sphinx undergo a little summer makeover – the bar space is much bigger, stocks a better variety of drinks, and has more staff now. So next time you get a classic cocktail or a £1.60 pint in record time, you have your Student Officers to thank!

8. Postgraduate Bursaries Postgraduate Taught (PGT) fees have been rocketing throughout the University sector since the introduction of the government’s £10,000 Master’s student loan, which is supposed to cover both fees and living costs.Despite being unable to prevent these substantial fee rises, we managed to secure more than £300,000 worth of new bursaries for current Liverpool-based and working-class students seeking to study on a Masters’ programme at University of Liverpool from 2019/20. These are the first significant bursaries for Home/EU Master’s students at University of Liverpool and should make Postgraduate study more accessible.


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