Code of Conduct

Below you'll find this Guild's Code of Conduct which outlines the minimum standards of conduct and behaviour expected by everyone on Guild premises or attending Guild events. During Covid this Code remains in place, and will help us ensure campus is safe, welcoming, supportive and inclusive for all of our community.

More than ever, it's important we look out for each other, and act in a way that protects the people around us, and reduces the spread of Covid. This means making sure that you are familiar with the latest guidance from Government, the University and Guild, and ensure you adhere to it.

The University and Guild will keep students informed of significant developments by email and on our websites. In addition, posters, signage and screens around campus will keep you updated on current rules and expectations.

Please look out for this important information, as we all have a crucial role in keeping campus safe. If you're in doubt about whether any activity is permitted under current rules, please ask a member of staff.

In this fast changing environment, we will take a supportive approach to helping people adhere to requirements, encouraging and educating where possible. While we hope that students will engage positively with measures that have been put in place to manage risk and stop the spread of Covid, individuals who do not follow these reasonable requirements may be referred to the Guild's Disciplinary Process, or have their case referred to the University.

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