Charities and Organizations

Manchester based community organization who celebrate and platform the QTIBPOC community in Manchester and beyond - find out more

UK based retreat for transwomen, transmen and non-binary people from the Afro Caribbean Diaspora - find out more

Charity that supports LGBTIQ people of African Heritage and the wider BAME community.

They have a focus on supporting refugees and people seeking asylum, standing against hate crime and campaigning for global LGBTIQ equality - find out more

Youth network for young LGBT+ people of colour in Manchester

They also host an annual celebration every year, celebrating LGBT+ young people of colour, based in the Midlands/North of the UK - find out more

  • THE (Trans Health Education) Action Youth - find out more
    1. Service is free and available to anyone LGBTQ+ aged 12-25
  • 2. GYRO LGBTQ+ Youth
    1. Service is free and available to anyone LGBTQ+ aged 12-25
    2. GYRO provides a safe and confidential space for you to explore sexuality or gender identity with other young people.
    3. They can also offer training to professionals and institutions such as teacher training and workshops that include explaining terminology, tackling homophobia, role models, etc. (may be a cost attached)

provides confidential, free information, support and sexual health services for the LGBT community in Liverpool. - find out more

are a national charity working to empower individuals, transform institutions and change and protect laws. They have resources and information about support available on their website. - find out more

African rainbow family
Kamp Kiki
Rainbow Noir
colours youth network