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Tuesday 02-03-2021 - 10:49

Hi! We’re Ffion and Imogen, and we’re two of your elected Student Officers. We’re both passionate about students’ mental health and  included making improvements to mental health support on our manifestos. 

Since starting the role, we’ve been working together and independently to improve mental health support for students. We sit on relevant University Committees, work closely with Guild Advice, and run our own Campaigns to achieve this work. 

One part of our work has been developing these Guild Mental Health and Wellbeing webpages, to become your one-stop-shop for mental health related updates. On these webpages you can access support services, browse wellbeing resources, see what events we’re hosting and get updates on our current work.  

Hi 😊 I’m Ffion, your Guild Vice President. I’m passionate about mental health because it affects all of us, and 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems each year. Also, it is widely understood that students are especially vulnerable to mental health issues, which means making improvements to provision of support is a priority for me. I’m especially interested in the broader mental health landscape, focusing on wellbeing, mental health support and suicide prevention in turn. I’m also interested in the idea of mental health conditions as disabilities and focus on advocating for disabled students regularly. 

I’m working on my Mental Health Forums, are a series of events which I’ve created to be a safe and useful space to discuss mental health with fellow students. Each forum is themed, and at the first on 17th February we discussed mental health during Covid and the unique challenges students face. I’m currently finalising details of my second, a Chat about Male Wellbeing which I’m looking forward to hosting! 💚

Hiya, I’m Imogen, your Deputy President. I am passionate about mental health because it is something that I and most of my loved ones have dealt with personally and unfortunately it is something that isn’t talked about enough. 

I think prevention is really important because everyone, at some point, struggles with their mental health. That is why I am working on developing Mental Health First Aid training and Suicide Prevention training for staff and students. I am also especially passionate about improving the services for BAME and LGBTQ+ students. For now, I have put together resources that provide tailored support, but on a larger scale I am working with the University to ensure staff receive competency training both culturally and racial and for understanding LGBTQ+ students. 

The pandemic has also had an astronomical impact on students particularly with loneliness, isolation and friend making. I recently launched Wellbeing Wednesdays which hosts three events every Wednesday that are tailored to improving student's wellbeing during these difficult times.


We’re really keen to talk to students about mental health. If you want to hear more about a campaign, want us to raise something with the University or just have a chat, feel free to get in touch. Email us at ffion.g.thomas@liverpool.ac.uk and Imogen.De-Castro-Gray@liverpool.ac.uk. If you need individual support, mental health or otherwise, we recommend contacting the Guild Advice team for free, independent and confidential support, email guildadvice@liv.ac.uk.
We’re always here to help, so keep talking to us and we will continue to make sure your voice is heard. 
Take care, Ffion and Imogen



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