NUS Delegates Revealed

Wednesday 28-11-2018 - 14:38
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After a week of a busy week of campaigning, we can now reveal the seven delegates you have elected to join Guild President Rory Hughes at NUS Conference in April…

Congratulations to:

  • Jonathon Foster
  • Hannah Nguyen
  • Jodie Sylvester
  • Samira Abdo
  • Abby Warner
  • Dylan Thomson
  • Abdi Saed

Each of the delegates will help set the direction and tone of NUS’ work from 2019-21, making decisions on policy and leadership whilst representing Liverpool students in order to work towards positive changes for the future.

Thanks to the 878 of you that had their say and voted and a big well done to  each of the candidates who put themselves forward and worked hard to campaign.

We wish each of the newly elected Delegates the best of luck in their roles.

See the full breakdown of results here.

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