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Tuesday 04-05-2021 - 09:25
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During the past year, I have been working on making improvements to the Module Selection process, as part of my Manifesto aims. The current first come, first served process, can often be stressful and I have been working toward reforming this. Ideally, Module Selection would be via a better, fairer, preference-based system, and this is what I’ve pushing for by working with the University. In order to transition to this system, data needs to be collected about students’ module preferences - as currently the University only knows what modules students register for, rather than their true preferences. 

We need your help to move towards a better system: 

In moving towards the preference-based system, this year will be a stepping-stone. Module Selection will still happen using a first-come, first-served basis however (and crucially) the University are adding a second screen, to collect the data of preferences. Here, the system will now ask you to rank all possible module choices in order, and this is the crucial data that will allow the University to build a preference-based model in the future. 

I understand that Module Selection is a really frustrating and difficult process, and that having to register as soon as possible when the system opens is an anxiety inducing experience. I personally had such a poor experience, and that’s why it’s on my Manifesto, and why I’ve been passionate about changing how it works. So, in order to help the move towards a better system, I highly recommend you take the time to indicate your preferences, once you’ve completed your registration, as this data is essential to improve this process in the future. 

The Module Selection process this year will be on Tuesday 4th May, at 10:00am BST. The system won’t close until 11:59pm BST on Monday 10th May, however I would recommend you register as soon as possible. The University have provided more specific details on the process, and produced some FAQs. Finally, there is also a video to explain what the system looks like, which could be useful in familiarising yourself with the system design and layout before it opens. 



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