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Friday 24-05-2019 - 08:31
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In 2017, a student submitted a ChangeIT idea on the Guild website regarding the inconsistent approach and unfairness across the University for students needing to hand in work late or seek an extension due to legitimate Extenuating Circumstance reasons such as illness or unforeseen event.

Some departments asked students to submit an application for a coursework extension 48 hours before the deadline, others were asked to submit a ‘Removal of Late Penalty’ form once they handed their work in late and some departments just refused to provide support for students needing further time to complete their work.

This inconsistent approach was confusing to students, particularly on Joint Honours degrees, and in many cases was resulting in undue stress, anxiety and academic penalisation for students as a result of things out of their control.

As a result, of the Guild’s lobbying a review of the University’s policy and procedures relating to extensions, late submission of coursework and removal of late penalties was undertaken in 2018/19. Following consultation with staff and students it was agreed that extensions to coursework submission deadlines would be replaced with a new, cross-University system of ‘exemption from penalties’ for late submission of coursework.  From September 2019, the main changes to note are:

  1. Extensions to coursework submission deadlines will only be offered to students undertaking programmes delivered in partnership with Laureate Online Education and students with a Support Plan confirmed with Disability Advice and Guidance. 
  2. All other taught students may apply for ‘exemption from late penalties’ for any coursework submitted late (and providing the coursework has the opportunity for late submission) because of unforeseen medical or other exceptional circumstances.


Detailed guidance for students about the process for applying for exemption from late submission penalties will be available from September 2019 in Student Support Offices and on student intranet pages

We are very confident that this new system will be hugely beneficial to students and will make the system fairer, clearer and more supportive of students in need.

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