If you’re having problems with your landlord or letting agent, there are a number of ways you can make a complaint. We can support you through this process.

Complain to your Letting Agent

If you wish to make a complaint about the service that you have received from a letting agent, you should first check to see if they have a complaints procedure. If they don’t have a procedure, you should submit a letter of complaint. Make sure your complaint is clear and provides full details of events, including dates and times. We can help you prepare your complaint.

The letting agent should respond to your complaint in writing. If they don’t respond within eight weeks, you should be able to complain to a Letting Agent Redress Scheme.

Letting Agent Redress Schemes

Letting Agents have to be registered with a government approved redress scheme. There are three schemes available; you will need to direct your complaint to the correct one. Use the links below to search each of the approved schemes’ databases for your letting agent.

It is a criminal offence for a letting agent not to be a member of a redress scheme. Your local council can investigate and prosecute agencies that haven’t signed up; a fixed penalty fine can be issued for up to £5000.

If your letting agent is not a member of a redress scheme, you could consider complaining to their professional association (e.g. National Approved Letting Schemes) or to your landlord about their conduct.

Complaining to a Redress Scheme

In the first instance, redress schemes will expect you to have already complained directly to the letting agent. You can complain to the redress scheme after you have received a final letter from the agent about the dispute.

The scheme will investigate your case and make a decision. The letting agent will have to comply with any orders to provide you with compensation, pay a fine or put something right.


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