Get Started


Thinking of volunteering but not sure where to start? We’ve pulled together our top tips to help you get the best out of giving something back.

#1 What are you interested in?

 A good way of narrowing down your options is to think of what are you are actually interested in or passionate about. Our volunteering opportunities are filtered into categories to make it easier for you to find suitable roles.

#2 What do you want to gain from your volunteer work?

Volunteering is personally rewarding and is a brilliant way to support causes you are passionate about. It is also a great way of working towards both career and life goals. Do you want to try something new or develop skills you already have? Deciding what areas you want to develop or improve can help refine your choice.

#3 What skills can you offer?

Charities are always looking for a whole range of skills. Each opportunity listed on our website comes with a list of skills required, desired and what you could gain, which should make it easier for you to identify suitable opportunities. What you do already as a hobby or part of your course is also a good starting point when looking for volunteering opportunities.

#4 Keeping the balance

Volunteering should be something you enjoy doing and shouldn’t interfere with the rest of your life - so don’t over commit. If you are new to volunteering it may be a good idea to start off with one-off opportunities and slowly work your way up to bigger commitments. This way you can identify if you enjoy a particular type of volunteering activity. 

#5 Virtual Volunteering

If you aren’t able to volunteer during normal working hours or prefer a more fluid volunteering schedule, it can be a good idea to get involved in virtual volunteering. These opportunities are usually ones that you can do at home on your laptop or computer – including the likes of graphic design and online befriending.

#6 Group Volunteering

Starting a volunteer opportunity can be daunting, especially if it is your first time at an organisation and everyone is new. A great way to start off if you are weary is to try volunteering with a friend or society group, this way not only are you giving back but you are also introducing others to new experiences.