Societies Coordinator: Jo Fisher - send her an email 
Academic - provide a great platform for students who are looking to meet fellow students on the same course.
Medical - for students who study at the University of Liverpool Medical School who are looking to meet fellow students

Societies Coordinator: Jane Coles - send her an email 
Celebrating Culture - numerous different countries, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds are represented within the Liverpool Community as well as amongst the student body.
Celebrating Faith - our faith societies represent and celebrate the diverse religions and faiths on campus.
Affecting Change - societies which campaign on a range of issues and make positive change in various different areas.

Societies Coordinator: Hannah Fowler - send her an email 
Sharing Activity - whether it's watching films, juggling or computer games you can come and join our sharing activity societies. 
Student Media - our student media groups work together to cover and promote events, sports, current affairs and society activities.
Performing Arts - whether its theatre, musical theatre, dance, live music or singing that is your passion our performing societies offer opportunities in all fields.

Drop in sessions in Activity Space 5 - time dedicated to you so come in if you've got any queries

Jo: Friday 12-2pm and Friday 11-12 for societies in schools
Jane: Monday 12-2pm and Friday 3-5pm
Hannah: Wednesday 1-3pm